Frequently Asked Questions


What is Melograno?

Melograno is a refinement to the world of luxurious cocktails. Elevating every aspect of a good night out or day by the pool. Simply put, Melograno is unmatched by your typical carbonated hard seltzer.

Where are you located?

Melograno is currently available in San Diego, CA, Orange County, CA, Inland Empire, CA, Los Angeles, CA, and Las Vegas, NV. To stay up-to-date with where you can purchase Melograno cocktails, sign up for our newsletter so you never miss a beat!

Is Melograno a hard seltzer?

Not even close. Melograno uses 100% blue agave. Our cocktails are meticulously handcrafted with agave wine to stand above the rest.


What’s the carbonation like?

The carbonation in Melograno is at a minimum, just enough to enhance the aromatic molecules and intensify the various flavors we offer.

Is Melograno sweet?

With only 5 grams of organic cane sugar, Melograno has a smooth, crisp flavor that is never overpowering. You be the judge.

How many flavors of Melograno are there?

Melograno offers four stimulating flavors: Orange Blossom Martini, Melon Margarita, Cucumber Lime Mojito, and Pomegranate Cosmopolitan. Wind down and wait for more…

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